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Busy Moms Wanting to Balance Biz, Life, and Relationships - El Paso, TX

DURING THIS FREE TRAINING, YOU'LL DISCOVER... How to go from having 5 different to-do lists to 1 inspired action list How to go from feeling like you’ve forgotten all of those things that you used to enjoy doing, to knowing exactly what lights you up How to go from feeling like you’re busy all day, but getting nothing accomplished, to feeling like you are productive and on purpose How to go from being stuck in a rut of sameness, to designing a life that you love How to go from having a "roommate" relationship with your husband, to creating the amazingly connected relationship that you desire And so much more! REGISTER NOW *This is a FREE online event.  There are no costs. However, seats are extremely limited, so register TODAY. **You will receive an email with a Zoom link after your registration confirmation.